Rabu, 30 Oktober 2013

Contoh Teks Letter dan kunci jawaban

Dear Jonathan, 
Hello! How are you? I received your letter today. I am very excited to hear that you are coming to stay with me for the holidays. I am sure we will have a lot of fun together. 
My parents have agreed to let you stay with me. They offered to pick you up at the airport. All you have to do is to tell us when you are coming.
I will now tell you about some of the things you will experience here in Indonesia. You do not have to worry about the local spicy food. We have a lot of fastfood restaurants here like the ones you have in England. 
You can also shop for souvenirs to bring home. Sarinah or BlokM are our famous shopping areas. They have many shops selling all kinds of things. I am sure you will love them. 
I am also planning to take you to a few tourist spots like miniature of Indonesia, National monument, or Safari Garden. We can also go to the Ancol beach where you can swim, play on the beach, and have picnics.
My family and I are looking forward to your coming. I hope to hear from you soon.   Good bye.
With love.
1)      What is the letter about?
A.        Planning to stay and do some activities in Indonesia during holiday.
B.        Buying in the fast food restaurant and shopping at Sarinah.
C.        Going to buy souvenirs and going to tourist spots.
D.        Planning to stay in Indonesia for the holidays.
E.         Picking up at the airport when he comes.
2)      What will probably Jonathan buy for his lunch while he is in Indonesia?
A.        Mixed vegetables with peanut chilly sauce.
B.        Spicy food with chilly sauce.
C.        Soup with hot black pepper.
D.        Satay with hot pepper.
E.         Non spicy food.
Kunci jawaban:
  1. A
  2. E

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