Rabu, 30 Oktober 2013

Contoh Soal Ungkapan Pengulangan - Asking For Repetition

1.       Awan    : You look very happy, Dinda. What happened?
Dinda     : Guess what? I got an “A” on my English test.
Awan     : Sorry? … It’s very noisy here. I can hardly hear you.
Dinda     : I said, “I got an “A” on my English test.”
Awan     : Really? That’s fantastic.

a.       What did you say?
b.      Is it important?
c.       Can you believe it?
d.      How come?
Answer: A

2.       Anton                       : Hello, can I speak to Prabowo?
               Prabowo's Mother: Sorry, I didn’t catch what you said. Can you repeat again, please?
       The underlined phrase is showing ….
a.   Certainty
b.      Agreement
c.       Repetition
d.      hesitation

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