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Percakapan Bahasa Inggris "On the Phone"

On The Phone
Dani : Good morining.
Secertary : Good morning. This is Ika Speaking. May I help you?
Dani : My name is Dani of Monster, Inc. I would like to speak to Mr. Archy form Finance Department, please.
Secertary : Hold on, please. I'll put you through to him.
Archy : Archy speaking. Whant can I do for you Mr. Dani?
Dani : Good morning, Mr. Archy. I am calling you about the new product that we are going to discuss. Is Monday next week okay?
Archy : Let me check my schedule first. Monday suits me well.
Dani : Great. Thank you, Mr. Archy. I'll see you on Monday at 2. Good bye.
Archy : Bye.
Sebuah dialog percakapan bahasa Inggris tentang On The Phone berserta ungkapan-ungkapan yang digunakan.
Setelah menyimak dialog percakapan di atas, tibalah saatnya kita membahas mengenai ungkapan-ungkapan yang digunakan dalam dialog percakapan tersebut di atas. Ungkapan-ungkapan tersebut adalah:
1. Menyapa (Greeting)

Ungkapan Respons
a. Hi, Hi,
b. Hello Hello
c. Good morning Good morning
d. Good afternoon Good afternoon
e. Good evening Good evening
2. Mengenalkan diri (Introduce yourself)
a. I am Dani of Monster, Inc.
b. This is Ika speaking.
c. Ika speaking.
d. This is Mona.
3. Menawarkan bantuan (Offering help)
a. May I help you?
b. Can I help you?
c. How I can help you?
4. Permintaan untuk menunggu (Asking for wait)
a. Hold on the line, please. I'll put you through him.
b. Just a moment, please.
c. Just a second, please.
d. please hang on a second.
e. Hang on, please.
5. Perpisahan (Parting)

Ungkapan Response
a. Bye Bye
b. Good bye Good bye
c. See you later See you
Demikiaan contoh percakapan dan ungkapan yang digunakan dalam percakapan telpon, semoga bermanfaat. Terima kasih.

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