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Dialogue Bahasa Inggris Kelas VII Greeting

1. Heru is a new neighbour.
Ary       : Hello. I’m Ary.
Heru    : Hello. I’m Heru.
Ary       : You are the new neighbour, right?
Heru    : Yes, I am. I just moved from Padang.
Ary       : Well, nice to meet you, Heru.
Heru    : Nice to meet you, too.

2. Ranti meets her teacher, Mr Bakri at the post office.
Ranti          : Good afternoon, Sir.
Mr Bakri    : Good afternoon. You are ....
Ranti          : Ranti, Sir. My name is Ranti. How are you?
Mr Bakri    : I am  Ane, thank you. And how about you?
Ranti          : I am  Ane, too.
Mr Bakri    : Well, Ranti. I have to go now. Pleased to meet you.
Ranti          : Pleased to meet you, too, Sir.

3. Citra is Ari’s friend. One night she wants to see Ari at his home, but he is not home. Ari’s brother, Sigit, is at home.
Citra          : Good evening, Sigit.
Sigit           : Good evening, Citra.
Citra          : Is Ari at home?
Sigit           : I’m sorry, Citra. Ari is not at home.
Citra          : Oh, well. That’s OK. Good night, then.
Sigit           : Good night.

4. Anto is Ucok’s best friend.
Anto           : Hi, Ucok. Are you coming to the basket ball game?
Ucok          : Hi, Anto. Yes, I’m coming to the game.
Anto           : OK, then. See you there. Bye.
     Ucok          : Bye.

source:E-Book English in Focus for Grade VII

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